Class Beetle::Configuration
In: lib/beetle/configuration.rb
Parent: Object


config_file  [R]  external config file (defaults to no file)
gc_threshold  [RW]  number of seconds after which keys are removed form the message deduplication store (defaults to 3.days)
logger  [RW]  default logger (defaults to
password  [RW]  the password to use when connectiong to the AMQP servers (defaults to "guest")
redis_configuration_client_ids  [RW]  the redis configuration client ids living on the worker machines taking part in the redis failover, separated by comma (defaults to "")
redis_configuration_client_timeout  [RW]  number of seconds the redis configuration server waits for answers from clients (defaults to 5)
redis_configuration_master_retries  [RW] 
 redis configuration server options
how often should the redis configuration server try to reach the redis master before nominating a new one (defaults to 3)
redis_configuration_master_retry_interval  [RW]  number of seconds to wait between retries (defaults to 10)
redis_db  [RW]  redis database number to use for the message deduplication store (defaults to 4)
redis_failover_timeout  [RW]  how long we should repeatedly retry a redis operation before giving up, with a one second sleep between retries (defaults to 180.seconds). this value needs to be somewehere between the maximum time it takes to auto-switch redis and the smallest handler timeout.
redis_server  [RW]  the redis server to use for deduplication either a string like "localhost:6379" (default) or a file that contains the string. use a file if you are using a beetle configuration_client process to update it for automatic redis failover.
redis_servers  [RW]  comma separated list of redis servers available for master/slave switching e.g. ","
servers  [RW]  list of amqp servers to use (defaults to "localhost:5672")
system_name  [RW]  system name (used for redis cluster partitioning) (defaults to system)
user  [RW]  the AMQP user to use when connecting to the AMQP servers (defaults to "guest")
vhost  [RW]  the virtual host to use on the AMQP servers (defaults to "/")